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Do you want to protect your baby from harmful chemicals?

Of course you do!

The skin of your baby is extremely soft and sensitive. That is why you need to choose the best baby laundry detergent that does not contain any chemical that has the ability to cause allergies, irritations and skin rashes.

In order to make the right decision, let’s see the 4 available options:

1.  Liquid

Liquid detergent is most effective on greasy and oily stains. It works well in cold water and warm water.

This type of detergent can become expensive as people typically use more detergent than needed in each wash, as bottle caps are often difficult to read. This makes you waste detergent and it leaves residue on your clothes which makes your clothes itchy.

2.  Powder

Powder detergent is most effective on mud and dirt stains. It does not work well in cold water as the powder will not dissolve completely in the water.

This is the least expensive type of detergent and has longest shelf life than other types of detergents.

3.  Single Dose Pods

Single dose detergent pod is the most convenient and easy to use option as it is pre-measured for an average laundry load. You just place one pod in with your laundry and you are done, however, if the laundry is really dirty, you will need to use two pods in the same wash.

It works well in cold and warm water. This is the most expensive option to use per load and it is dangerous to have them around children as it can be mistaken with candy.

4.  DIY

Do it yourself detergent is the most affordable option. It is very safe as you use fewer chemicals.

You have complete control of the chemicals you are using and the fragrance you like the most.

It has a smaller environmental impact than the ones made by a manufacturer. However, it does require work to make it and maintain it.


As a parent, you need to be careful of exposing your baby to chemicals. You have to be aware of what type of chemicals you are using to treat your baby’s clothes.

It is important to know if the chemicals are safe or harmful, as your baby is new to this world and his/her Immune System is just developing.




The Dangers of Laundry Detergents

If you take a look at the warning label of your laundry detergent, you will see that it urges you to avoid direct skin contact. This is because laundry detergents are made to remove oils from clothes, which also include natural oils produced by your skin.

All detergents have some chemicals in common, the most common chemicals are surfactants.

Surfactants are the main agents that remove oils from your clothes. A chemical that causes skin irritation and rashes from the residue leftover on your clothes after a wash. Regular exposure to this chemical has been linked to respiratory problems and produced allergies.

Most detergents are endocrine disruptors. The endocrine system is the one responsible for your hormones. Researchers have found that many chemicals in common households such as detergents, act as xenoestrogen or synthetic estrogens, which increase the amount of estrogen in your body.

This produces a hormone imbalance that contributes to an extensive range of problems that include depression, mental impairment, and heart disease.

Of course, these hazardous chemicals get diluted with water, but do you still want to expose your baby to them?

What if I told you that there is a fifth option that is better than the ones above and it does not use harmful chemicals.



The Magnetic Laundry System

The magnetic laundry system is a set of powerful magnets that you place inside your laundry machine and washes your clothes by generating a magnetic field that changes the surface tension of the water to remove the dirt and oils from your clothes, the same way laundry detergents do, but without the irritating chemicals.  Skeptical? Yeah, me too, until I gave them a try.



How it works:

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My Experience

I was introduced to the magnetic laundry system on my baby shower for my second son. My friend Ashley gave them to me and explained how they work. At that moment it just didn’t make sense to me how magnets could wash clothes. I thanked her and didn’t think about the magnets until one week later.

Robert, my oldest son came home after soccer practice with his clothes all muddy, I had to wash them right away as he was using a white shirt. While I was getting my detergent to wash the muddy clothes, I saw the box of laundry magnets and at that moment I just thought that this was the perfect test. If these magnets can wash off all the mud from the clothes, then I will use them every time and if not, then it was worth a shot, I had nothing to lose.

I placed the magnets on the back of my washer and used warm water as it was recommended on the box. I left it for 20 minutes and when I came back to take out the clothes, I could not believe it. The clothes were completely clean, even the white shirt.

However, it didn’t smell at all, which was strange to me as I was used to smelling the nice lavender of fresh clothes every time I washed clothes. At that moment it just hit me that the lavender smell was actually chemicals added to the detergent which stick on to clothes. No wonder why clothes itch when you put them on.

From that day onwards, I stopped purchasing detergents. I used to use Tide HE laundry detergent which lasted a little more than a month and cost $11.97.

I did the math and by using the magnetic laundry system, I save $143.64 each year by not purchasing more laundry detergent, and that does not include the cost of the extra baby laundry detergent for my youngest son that would double the expense.

Pros and Cons of the Magnetic Laundry System


  • Chemical Free
  • One time Purchase (save money every year)
  • 50 Year Guarantee
  • Easy to use
  • Can wash all your family clothes, including newborns
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Saves water (no need for rinse cycle)
  • No more itching from clothes
  • Patented technology
  • The perfect gift for anyone


  • Does not smell
  • It works best on warm water
  • It can only be purchased online


As a pediatrician, I always recommend the magnetic laundry system to parents as it is the safest method to wash a baby’s clothes and maintain their optimal health.

 That is why I wrote this article, to help other parents find this great system and avoid using chemicals that can irritate your skin and the skin of your children.

I hope this article was helpful for you to find a safe product to keep your baby clean and protected. As a mother myself I know how great it is to find a product that is safe for my children and cost-effective at the same time.


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